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About us

Latin Quarter is a soul-filled Art & Craft & Coffee Shop based in Redcross – Co. Wicklow. Set up by me, Sandra Fernandes, during the summer of 2017. Latin Quarter is a place where I share my passion for homemade crafts, arts, rustic decor, coffee, tea, and artisan food, through the products. I have a particular focus on creating unique pieces, made from reclaimed or recycled materials. Latin Quarter supports local artists and global communities. Latin Quarter – Global and Local cultures in one place.

Sandra Fernandes

Since I was a little child I have always been inspired by design, architecture and crafting things. Creativity would be a big part or my life. I spent my childhood watching my mum making crafts, whom I loved to help, especially when we were creating birthday parties together. I love the process of making things, especially when it involves finding creative solutions for family and friends. My parents definitely were an inspiration, my mum with her love of making crafts and my Dad with his enthusiasm for business. I have travelled throughout the whole of Brazil and lived in many different states of my home country. l have also travelled to many parts of the world, picking up on the diverse collage of traditions and cultures. Along the way I had a chance to discover local craftspeople and their amazing products. I got into the habit collecting quirky items from fabrics to furniture, which I think, inspired me open Latin Quarter and exhibit all these wonderful products, most of which are environmentally friendly and support local cottage industries. This can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding aspects of embarking on a new journey to some far flung destination. My eclectic decor and style which is moulded from a mixture of textures, time periods, trends and colours, all form the character of the Latin Quarter.


I came from Brazil to study English however, just before I was about to return home, I met Clive, who is now my partner. I am very creative and innovative professional with a BSc Degree in Architecture and Urbanism. Together with Clive’s background in construction and my experience in Interior Design, Eco-Landscaping and Architecture, we make a dynamic couple. I have an extensive experience in Upcycling materials, working on restoration and using local materials. The shop was originally a pub called Mick Cullens. The building has its own personality and style, now it’s been given a new lease or life as The Latin Quarter. Together, Myself & Clive are slowly trying to re develop this amazing coach house project that is a well recognised and loved, dating from the early Victorian period, located at the main street of Redcross, Co. Wicklow in 1840. Later in 2018, the Latin Quarter Gallery was opened with an exhibition of the renowned Russian artist Natalya Nikolskaya.
After this initial exhibition, many other artists such as Claudia Roche has shown their work at Latin Quarter Boutique Gallery. Currently you still can check it out and buy the works from Natalya Nikolskaya and the local art from the Ballyrogan house Artists. During the Summer of 2019 we added the Bossa Nova Cafe to the Latin Quarter Shop introducing brazilian coffee, brazilian cuisine, which has been a very successful addition. You will find artisan, and homemade food, high quality teas and coffees. Come to Latin Quarter and Bossa Nova Café.

Holistic Influence

I have always been aware of the spiritual and holistic connection humans have to the world we all live in, however during my trip to India, a country which left with an indelible impression on me, I found my senses being bombarded with colours, aroma´s, feelings within, sadness, happiness, the unbelievable power of the human spirit to overcome. India´s rich culture and traditions set it apart from the rest of the world, it has several ancient life giving practices like Yoga and Ayurveda which are practiced in Ashrams across the nation, which I’ve experienced The deepening process at Oneness University and few others Ashram in India. We live in such a materialistic world, where it is so easy to get caught up in how society expects us to behave and where so many people feel disenfranchised. India´s spiritual centres , helped me to realise the true meaning and purpose of one´s life and achieve complete peace of mind, body and soul. Since then I have a deep interest in the holistic experience, overall feelings of self healing, wellness, aromatherapy, spirituality that stay with me every day.

The Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter is not just about the fabulous gifts and products or fantastic coffee at the Bossa Nova cafe, but about making our customers aware of their interaction and connection to the world we live in. Sometimes we are not even aware of our spiritual side, maybe we just need some guidance , to look deep within ourselves to differentiate what is important in our lives and what is really just excess baggage. A lot of our products are in some way connected to the holistic and in tune with nature sphere´s of life, that´s what I am really trying to bring to Latin Quarter and in turn, to our customers. Come and enjoy the fabulous atmosphere, where you will be surrounded by nature, beauty, art and tranquillity.

Sandra Fernandes
Latin Quarter and Bossa Nova Café.


A taste of Brazil! What a surprise today. After our forest walk we visited The Latin Quarter, Redcross, for a hot chocolate coffee stop and made a great discovery. Brazilian warmers were on the take away menu. Deliciouse, salty Brazilian snacks. What an adventure! We took some home for lunch. Yummy!
Jennifer Kingston, Customer
Great experience at Latin Quarter Red cross, what a gem of a place, beautiful place with a great customer service, nice food and coffee. It feels like a place you want to sit and spend the day, so peaceful! Well worth a visit, definitely will be back!!
E Nunes, Customer
Must visit. Amazing coffee. Gifts for everyone
Deirdre Marie O'Sullivan, Customer
Amazing coffee and food and one of the most atmospheric cafes I’ve ever been too. Lovely courtyard and decking looking out over greenery. Absolutely stunning. €3 coffee
Darren Cullen, Customer

Latin Quarter is the light and life of Redcross village. Such a beautiful shop. The Owner and the staff are so friendly and warm. The gifts are amazing and very reasonable too. You can find something special for the entire family. The coffee is delicious. I highly recommend a visit! I`m definitely going back

Renata Schulmeistrat, Customer
Peaceful courtyard cafe. Very safe from a pandemic perspective. One way system. Outdoor seating, some with overhead shelter. Now doing limited savoury menu. We had avocado toast & a panino. Both very tasty. Handy for cyclists as there is a small amount of space to store a few bikes within your view. Staff very friendly. Cakes looked nice but we didn’t have them this time. Will be back.
Anna Cunney, Customer
Beautifully decorated shop in rustic surroundings with delicious food and coffee. Staff are very friendly and make you feel more than welcome. Love this place!
Keith Farrell, Customer
Beautiful little store. Perfect for picking up a unique gift for someone.
Ross D, Customer

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